Architectural ReviewArchitectural Review

Your systems may be fighting each other. Outdated technology could be clashing with the latest hardware or software. Or you may never have had an overall coherent Enterprise Architecture plan in place - and now that deficiency is working against your efficiency.

Whatever the reason, it may be the right time to have an outside review of your architecture. Primary Architects can make that process easy and productive. From a simple group meeting to a deep architectural review, PA can analyze your systems and provide expert guidance.

After the initial meetings with your high level and technical staff, PA brings together its diverse Architecture Council comprising experts from relevant disciplines. We work through your challenges and come up with recommendations and action plans that are submitted back to you for your approval.

Many 'consulting' companies get projects in and either hire a new person to take on a job or put one person on it. Here at PA we only hire the most experienced staff. All projects are taken to our review committee where we have very experienced architects of several disciplines review together. This allows us to put a very wide lens against thorny problems. This same group continues to vette solutions throughout the process.

Throughout the process, PA strives to provide ‘elegant’ architectural guidance. We firmly believe that solutions based around efficient use of code and systems provide the strongest platform for successful technology implementation. Let us rationalize your systems today!