Architecture Services

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

Architecture and Design
Conceptualization, Design and Analysis for enterprise scale systems.

SOA Guidance (Service Oriented Architecture)
Service Oriented Architecture has allowed companies to meld very large but independent systems together. SOA strategies can make integrating newly aquired businesses much easier. SOA is also a good strategy to integrate older systems into new designs.

Getting disparate systems talking to each other.

Performance Architecture

Performace Architecture

Caching Systems
Caching systems are extremely fast but have their own special sets of issues. Our deep experience in this field means we can bring the speed and avoid the pitfalls to make your systems FAST.

Bottleneck identification and remediation

Architectural Review

Architectural Review

Architectural Review
Evaluation, documentation and review your systems based on your needs.

Architectural Consultants

Architectural Consultant

Architect Level Consultants on as needed basis.