Enterprise ArchitectureEnterprise Architecture

A firm architectural foundation enables any company, organization or association to work smarter and better. Information flows smoothly and business plans are fulfilled. That's why it's crucial, as the first step, to view Enterprise Architecture from a "big picture" standpoint and lay the proper groundwork. Smooth integration flows from elegant design combined with purpose.

Unlike many other EA consulting companies, Primary Architects goes beyond the "one person - one project" template. We submit every project to our expert Architecture Review Committee - where architects who are at the top of their field analyze the job parameters and provide a set of comprehensive recommendations. As PA progresses through your project, our solutions are continuously vetted through this very same group to ensure all the bases are covered.

From small start-ups to the largest corporations, we take each and every project very seriously. Whether it’s a minor design review or a large systems rework, PA has the intellectual firepower and experience to handle the job. Our seasoned staff of architects and developers are there to help YOU.

Put our top-level resources to work on your project. Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your architecture needs.